Organic Pumpkin Oil, unsalted,
un-toasted, 8.4 oz glass bottle,
cold pressed, product of Germany

Seitenbacher Pumpkin Oil is pressed from certified organic pumpkin seeds.

The seeds are checked for purity and to ensure they are gluten free.

We check that our pumpkin seed oil is the healthiest, best tasting oil possible and is GMO-free in accordance with organic standards.

This pumpkin oil is cold pressed. Made extra virgin in our
oil mill using oxygen free equipment to ensure maximum nutritional value.

Bottled in dark glass to maintain oil integrity and preserve freshness.

Pumpkin oil is an excellent source of OMEGA 6 & 9.
There is a lot of information about the health benefits
of organic pumpkin oil on general websites.

Directions: Please seal tightly and shake well before
using. For optimum freshness KEEP REFRIGERATED
and use within 8 weeks after opening. Pumpkin oil is
not to be heated or used for frying!

Suggested use: this organic oil is excellent to take 1 - 2 tablespoons per day to get all of the goodness of
pumpkin oil.

Seitenbacher Pumpkin Oil is especially delicious and
can be stirred into yogurt, smoothies, cereals, drizzled
on salads, pasta, spread on bread, used as dipping oil, finishing oil or just add to your favorite recipes.

The possibilities  are endless!!