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Seitenbacher Natural Sourdough is a liquid, ready to use Sourdough for home baking. Just add this Sourdough as an Ingredient in to your bread dough. Get the wonderful smell and taste of real natural Sourdough Bread.

This Sourdough is used to bake bread like it was in former times. You will love it.

Basic recipe for Sourdough Bread:
1 1/4 cup water
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1 packet (75g) Seitenbacher Sourdough
1 lb (454g) self rising flour
The directions are printed on the packaging.

To bake good bread like grandma used to make it is a challenge.

An ordinary kitchen oven is the best for baking bread. Bread machine works also.


Some customers use this Sourdough as a starter for their own sourdough but that was not the idea.


For those who don't use self rising flour this DRY YEAST is the best solution. It's just natural yeast dried and properly packed.


All Natural Yeast for bread baking at home.
One bag 0.35 OZ (10g) is good for a 20 OZ loaf.
Just put it in your dough mix before kneading.

Alternative: "Old School Yeast activating Recipe"
Use a 1/4 cub of hand warm water, add 1 teaspoon honey or sugar, stir.
Then empty 0.35 OZ (10g) of DRY YEAST on top of the water honey mixture.
Wait for about 15 minutes.
You will see that it's starts to bubble and foam.
Then add this activated yeast mix to your dough.

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