Seitenbacher Protein Bar

Tried the Protein Bar today and wanted you to know it is the perfect solution to a balanced carb routine. I almost passed on it as I am not a fan of beats or the flavor of orange, but the flavor was not over powering and the benefits of the high fiber/protein speaks for itself. The bar tasted far better than bars that have twice as much carbs and sugar with zero fiber. The bar is the perfect solution to a very common problem. Only suggestion I could make would be a revision to the packaging, as it looks a little dated. Nonetheless, I am a loyal customer of the bar. Thanks Lee

Seitenbacher Energy Bar / New customer from Tampa

I always thought it would be nice to let someone know that their product was "exceptional".

While at Walgreen's Drug, I asked about a natural, health candy bar with cranberries, nuts, chocolate, from Canada and since they did not carry it, the girl pointed out your product saying "They are terrific"!

So I tried the Honey Almond and must say it was one of the best candy/energy bars I have ever eaten, Delicious!

I can't write to Germany but maybe you can pass this along to them, complementing a natural tasting snack.


Mr. J. M.

P.S. Just thought you would like to know I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope they stay around!


My text is:

I rarely feel the desire to praise a company, but I have to say, I LOVE your products.

They are healthy, delicious, and a good value. In my travels over the years I've run into products that I thought would really take off in the US if they just had the exposure, Sigg bottles and soda makers being a few.

I think your products have real break out potential in the US and I hope to be seeing your brand on my local grocery shelves.

Keep up the good work!

EMAIL from a customer in Michigan:

Hello Over the past year, I have purchased Seitenbacher Musli (various preparations) at my ........ grocery store. Far and away this product is the most nutritional, flavorsome, unadulterated REAL, spectacular food in any market. Whether eaten w/milk or yogurt or by the handful's wonderful.
I seldom if ever feel compelled to write or contact a food manufacturer yet this product compelled me to do so.
I guess I've come to accept and sadly; come to expect inferior or at best -- a marginal product from most big grocer's shelves.
So, Thank you for these wonderful products. DON'T CHANGE A THING.

M ..............

Musli - A customer from Chicago

I just discovered your Musli cereals at a local store near my home -- and what a welcome surprise !!!
Thank you for offering a healthy and delicious cereal in a variety of flavors ... I spent about 10 minutes trying to pick out which one I wanted to try first! I love that you have organic options, wheat free options, options with different nuts/fruits and sweeter options too!
Love my first Musli #21 and can't wait to try more!

M.M. .. Chicago